Downlink dwell and extra channels definition

Hi, there is an important limitation (sounds like a bug) when activating downlink dwell limitation.

Network server version 3.6.0.

If I set extra channels, the server has to sent back these additional channels through NewChannelReq. TXParamSetupReq will also be sent to inform device about dwell limitations and maxEIRP.
These 2 actions are done in one downlink at first uplink received.

If I set more than one extra channel (2 or 3 for example), the payload size needed to sent NewChannelReq + TXParamSetupReq will be higher than maximum authorized in downlink dwell limitation activated condition.
In that case, server should cut these commands and maybe sent 2 downlinks but it is not the case. NewChannelReq and TXParamSetupReq are never sent and so device stays not aligned with server.

Can you confirm ?
Thank you.

Best would be to create an issue here with all the relevant information to re-produce the issue:

I have created an issue.