Downlink faster via Web UI then gRPC


I have noticed something and I am hopeful someone can help me out.

I have a class C network setup and working properly. For our application, speed is very important so I am trying to optimize everything at the moment,

I have noticed that if you send a downlink via the Web UI, the end node receives the data almost instantly (less than a second from the time I hit the submit button on the UI).

However if you send the message vi gRPC, I can tell by the gRPC traces the message is enqueue quickly, however the downlink actually takes about 2-3 seconds.

What is the Web Ui doing differently? What areas can I look at to trace down the bottleneck Is there a way to control the scheduling of the message similar to the Web UI?


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Hello sir,
Which node and gateway are you using?, Could you help me with send downlink to end-node device? I’d been stuck here for a long time. I can not receive data sent from loraserver, i just received schedule data after each packet are send from node to gateway. But the data i received on my node’s terminal only one data, it doesn’t change all time.
This is my old issues :

Hi @Anh_Quan_Tong

I am using the multitech Conduit with AEP with packet forwarding. For the end node, we are using the RN2903. We are not doing anything special, the RN2903 makes it easy since you can use the MAC commands. Maybe try a little higher level API with a little more expensive hardware if you are having problems with byte level decoding.

The key seems to be the number of channels in the band. Both the end node and the gateway have to be configured to only use the select channels.

Sorry I cannot be more help. However I would be happy to help if you have the same hardware.