Downlink issue while using thingsboard integration


In All over product we use things board as our final dashboard or cloud solution. We integrate things board with chirpstack. Uplink work ok with that integration. but face issue for downlink messages.

We already query generated query to things board.Things board team validated that on thingds board side every things is all. Data conversion we use at things board side and it is also work ok. They try using postman and also found issue in it.
Things board says it is chirpstack side configuration issue.

Can you please help us to resolve this issue.

I attached the some screen short for your reference for things board integration.

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Hi @maulin

Please follow the below thread it will help you

Thingsboard PE downlink integration to Chirpstack V4 failed - ChirpStack (v4) - ChirpStack Community Forum

To send Downlink, we use the rule chain

ChirpStack Integration | ThingsBoard Cloud

Thanks @sagarpatel for replay.

We follow proper steps for uplink and down link. We confirm that form things board side. Things board team validated it. they also tried to post downlink data using postman using similar API which is used in integration. During that Down link operation that get error 400 form chirpstack side.

Chirpstack and thingsbaord are on 2 different machine.

Here I attached reply we received from things board.

error message:

2024-05-04 09:49:09,883 [ie-commands-1-1] WARN  o.t.i.h.c.ChirpStackIntegration - Failed to process downLink messageorg.springframework.web.client.HttpClientErrorException$BadRequest: 400 Bad Request: [no body]

So , How do i know proxy or load balancer configuration?

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You can open Developer Tools in Chrome to check.

Proxy or load balancer can be configured in front of the chirpstack instance