Downlink message to end-node (in Schedule mode)

Hi All,

Now I can be send a message to LoRA Server and show any value in grafana. I would like to know how should I send downlink from LoRA Server in schedule mode. If you give an information for me to learning please advice me.

I’m not sure if I understand what “in schedule mode” means. Could you clarify?

Sorry for the wrong message. I would like to know about send message to downlink such as when port 99 uplink message “01” I would like to send “00” to downlink. How should I do?

Please see:

Thank you very much.

I am use to

mosquitto_sub -t “gateway/#” -v

I found this below.

bytes: [96 229 23 1 38 140 109 10 3 83 3 0 1 5 2 128 222 140 8 1 152 124 15 147]
hex: 60E51701268C6D0A0353030001050280DE8C0801987C0F93

In application configuration

Why downlink not send to end-node?
How should I do with this issue?

I would like to send “0x64” ( only one ).

Did you send downlink successfully from gateway to node ?

Yes, I did send the data downlink to end-node.

Thanks for replying me. Could you help me to get the downlink, i got some data but i could not decrypt it and i think it wasn’t what i want.

Could you let me know your email?