Downlink missing sometimes (framecounter disabled)


I would appreciate help with the following issue.

Server not always generating a downlink message after receiving a confirmed uplink.


  • Versions
    chirpstack-application-server version : 3.13.0
    chirpstack-network-server version : 3.11.0
    chirpstack-gateway-bridge version : 3.9.2

  • Framecounter has been disabled as I have read that the server may not issue downlinks for safety reasons if the framecounter does not match.

  • ADR enabled

  • Tested with different SF/DR


Any help is welcome!

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Anybody? Any ideas? The server itself seems to be OK. I was hitting some bottlenecks in the past with running it on a virtual machine 1 core 2GB. That does not seem the problem here, it’s now running on 2 cores 4GB, issue still persists.

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Hi, I have almost the same problem. About a week ago my tekelek sensors stopped working, because they didn’t get back the ack on confirmed up. The stack is running on a server cluster with no bottlenecks. The gateway is connected via ethernet on 1Gb/s LAN. It was running fine about 6 month. It stopped several days after update. Any ideas?

Hey @Kurt ,

Have you changed anything on your setup besides Chirpstack?

This problem is still happening. I will keep checking for updates and post a solution if it ever happens.

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Kurt - how did you even get the Tekelek’s into Chirpstack? We can’t get our 1 to get into Chirpstack. We have it set up for over the air join - can you share your settings to get it into Chirpstack and if you have any codec for it once it does send data?

I don’t think this question is related to missing downlinks. Please help keeping this forum organized :slight_smile: