Downlink Payload Data Using Lora API

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My question may has answered or referred before in the forum,but i didn’t find any specific about the configuration of my Tx message (back) to node. I intend to use Lora API’s POST Method:


Except of required field “devEUI”, in the body which will be published to the node ι have to use the same fPort,as the received (rx) message?

Data must be base64 encoded,right?

Finally in “jsonObject” and “reference” fields,in body,are necessarily to send,during downlink?

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When you click on Model you’ll see per-field documentation :slight_smile:

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i just checked it.

Just to know: “jsonObject” and “reference” fields are important to configured or not?

The reference is used in case on an ACK or nACK so that you know which payload was acknowledged. The jsonObject only works when you have configured an application codec (so that LoRa App Server will convert this object to bytes). See

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Thanks again @brocaar.

Your responses covered me completely for the time.
I will return with feedback.

Have you completed the task?