Downlink payload in MQTT

Hi. Can you tell me if it is possible to see downlink payload that was sent from the aplication server in the mqtt broker? If I send a message to the topic application/{{.ApplicationID}} /device/{{.DevEUI}}/tx, then it is visible, but if through the site or the REST API it is not visible

ChirpStack doesn’t log the packets. When you click live packet data it shows ‘Live data’. The same data is sent over MQTT.

I need to implement something similar.
Is there a way using Python (or any other) to subscribe to MQTT so that when MQTT sends a downlink to field devices, Python code also receives the same info and from the code this data is sent to a table in InfluxDB so that it is possible to keep record of all the downlinks sent out?

I am also looking at other way around: by sending a downlink request post to InfluxDB, an EXEC command in alert handler on InfluxDb can be used to send downlink over MQTT. In this approach, a downlink is recorded first and then sent out.

Appreciate you help!!

I found this – MQTT logger which can log into .txt or also into SQL db, hope that is useful :