DOWNLINK_PAYLOAD_SIZE:payload exceeds max payload size

In the previous test, I tried to send one byte of data on the application server, and the results were all successful, but today the following problems suddenly appeared:
The code in the codec interface of device-profile:

function Encode(fPort, obj, variables) {

var data = new Array();
data[0] = (obj.command >> 8) & 0x00FF;
data[1] = (obj.command ) & 0x00FF;
return data;
and the command in the application-detaisl interface:

The error occurs in application-device data interface:
Please help me, I don’t know why about it

Please refer to the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters document. It explains per region the max. payload size per data-rate.

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I got it ! Thank you

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Hi, I want to know how to solve the problem

Send a smaller payload in accordance with your region. See the referenced Regional Parameters doc.

Thanks,Now, I don’t know which i need to change, device setting? gateway setting? Chirpstack Region?