Downlink problems

I have problems during a downlink.
If the field “fCnt” is at “1” (I see it in the database “Postgresql”, table : “device_queue”) then the payload is sent to the device. However, if this is not the case, the payload is not sent.
In case of failure I find this in the “live lorawan frames”:

  • fCnt:0
  • fPort:null
  • frmPayload:null

PS: the use of fCnt (Downlink frame-counter) in the request API and/or MQTT not change anything.
PS2: I use data (Base64 encoded) not jsonObject

thank you in advance for your help

Can you put log of loraserver, lora-app-server and gateway-bridge please

Thank you @jawad_didouh for your help.

you will find attached an example of a downlink to the device 004a30b00e916cd that does not work.
the addition to the queue was done from the API with this JSON data.

  • The payload send = {
    “deviceQueueItem”: {
    “confirmed”: False,
    “data”: “zwAAAAAA”,
    “fCnt”: 0,
    “fPort”: 1
  • The receiver is a RN2483 with FW 1.0.3

Logs zip file

have other people had the same problem?
How did you solve it?

I have the same problem.
My post :

I tried both solutions : With Object or Data but no results.
I can see some downlink packets on the live lorawan frames but no data in the live

I work with the RN2483 too and no mac rx.

it looks very much like a Bug.

Hii @brocaar

after upgrading loraserver v2.8.1 we have started 2 nodes of MAC v1.1.x but 1 nodes was not joining (problem with JoinAccept ack to node or rx2timeout issue)
it will working automatically after 2-3 min but another node was not working
in previous version of loraserver it will work
only 1 node was working at a time

ISM Band: EU433

can you please help me…!
Thank you

This “live data” tab only shows the events from the device to the network, it doesn’t show you the frames sent from the network to the device.

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Thank you brocaar for your help,
how can I then see the frames sent from the network to the device ?

In the live LoRaWAN frames tab (thus where you see the raw frames).