Downlink queue behaviour when Gateway down

We had a network issue causing a Gateway going down for some minutes.
After the Gateway was up again, we saw more than 100 Downlinks going over the Gateway for some minutes.
Does the Networkserver hold downlinks in a queue until Gateway is back and than firering all messages all at once?
I would expect Networkserver select another Gateway when Gateway is not available.


It depends on the device-class. In case of Class-B and Class-C, the items would indeed stay in the queue if the gateway is down. In case of Class-A, a downlink comes always after an uplink.

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Thanks for clarification!
By the way, sending downlinks to Class-C devices often takes more than 3-5 minutes until receiving txack.
Are there different queues for Class-A and Class-C devices in case of downlinks?
Or is Networkserver waiting for the Gateway, maybe because Gateway is on high load?