Downlink Queue item discarded because of timeout

We are trying to send downlink and it keeps on discarding.
Any help will be appreciated.
Attached the Chirpstack network-server log.

Even i got this issue for one of my sensor. I couldn’t figure out the solution as I am not understanding if the issue is from network server settings or gateway or the sensor itself. If anyone could help with the explanation of the error it would be great. So that I can debug the issue further.

This usually happens when you also have Class-B or Class-C enabled. You should not see this warning in case of Class-A.

What happens it that ChirpStack sends the downlink using Class-B or Class-C and waits until the configured timeout for an ACK from the device. If it doesn’t receive such ack, it will consider the message as not acknowledged and it will carry on with the next queue item.