Downlink timestamp

I have a node that on certain instances is configured as class A and in others as class C (due to multicast). On the loraserver i created a class A device and checked the “Device supports Class-C”. For both classes i wish to send data in the rx2 window only. (Changed the loraserver.toml file with rx_window=2).

When the node is configured as Class-A, the downlink json object seems to change between subsequent downlinks. In some instances it contains the timestamp and in others it does not. Is there any specific reason for this ?

When checking the supports Class-C, LoRa Server will handle the device as a Class-C device. When the device sends an uplink, LoRa Server can use the Class-A downlink window of the device and in this case will use the timestamp. In the other case you’ll probably see the immediately set to true.