Downlink to Chirpstack V4 through GUI

I have a Class C device successfully connected to my ChirpStack Network Server, enabling it to send uplink data. Additionally, I’ve integrated ChirpStack with InfluxDB, and InfluxDB with Grafana. As a result, I can visualize device data on a Grafana dashboard, both within a web page and independently.

Now, I aim to implement a user interface feature where, upon pressing a button on my web page, a downlink message is sent to the device. This downlink activity should be reflected in the Grafana dashboard displayed on the webpage.

I’d like to know best possible way to achieve this please. Thank you.

The two options are to use the gRPC API or the MQTT Integration.

Although gRPC is the most common unless you are already working with MQTT.

they can be integrated to HTML or Flutter based web pages? if yes, is there any guide on integrating these protocols to GUIs? Thank you.

There is an (optional) accompanying REST API that can be used, that’s probably your best bet:

I am using Chirpstack V4 and the link says “With the introduction of ChirpStack v4, the REST API interface is no longer included”, is that a problem?

Did you see the second paragraph?

You need to install the chirpstack rest api.

It is not installed by default in v4.