Downlink using REST API

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to send a downlink to a RN2483 LoRa Transceiver using the latest firmware 1.0.5 to enable class C.
After enabling class C on said device, I’m trying to send messages using the REST API enqueue, with the correct device EUI.

I’m using a Linux minicom with a UART USB debugger to send commands and check results of my RN2483, and the only way I found to visualize my downlink data is to send an uplink to the server, and then I can see my data correctly, but that takes away the whole point of a class C device.

Am I sending a correct packet ? :
“deviceQueueItem”: {
“confirmed”: true,
“data”: “AQI=”,
“devEUI”: “0004a30b001aca63”,
“fPort”: 58,
I’m using a static return JS function for now just to see if I can receive data correctly :
function Encode(fport, obj) {
var str1 = obj.command;
var bytes = [51,52,53,54];
return bytes;

I’m kinda lost right here, what am I supposed to send to my RN2483 to receive incoming downlink? and are my packet and Encode Correct?

Please see and