DR in downlink class C

Dear all,

I am using US915 band which downlink class C uses channel 923.3 MHz, DR8. However, my ED (LoPy) only accept DR0 to DR7. Can we change DR for downlink class C at server side?

Thanks in advance.

Please see:

   --rx2-dr value                          rx2 data-rate (when set to -1, the default rx2 data-rate will be used) (default: -1) [$RX2_DR]


After changing that value, issue a new OTAA (as the RX2 is signaled to your device part of the OTAA).
For ABP devices, please update your device-profile: https://docs.loraserver.io/lora-app-server/use/device-profiles/.

I solved it. Thanks for your support.

how did you solve it?

Actually, I did not change DR. We should keep it in default. My problem came from end-device’s code. After fixing code, it worked well.

could you sahre your code?

I just use normal code from Pycom

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But you said that you fix the code, did you put the channels?