Dragino/Bosh parking lot sensor

I have bought the following products to use them with the Chripstack stack.

  1. Dragino outdoor gw
  2. Bosh lora smart parking sensor

Chripstack is setup locally via docker. While I am able to connect everything together, and my sensor is accepted (JoinRequest is followed after a JoinAccept message) I notice the following strange behavior:

  1. Bosh sensor sends some initial messages after joining the network (JoinAccept): Messages include

    1. Start up message (Fport 3)
    2. Debug Message (Fport 6)
    3. Status message (FPort 1)
  2. Bosh stops sending any changes after that.

I have placed Bosh under a car and move the car to change the occupied state of the sensor. I am following the manual instructions, that is I wait at least 40 seconds before I attempt a change in status. When this static situation occurs (no messages for status change) I also notice that I do not get any messages from the GW as well like DeviceReqStatus etc.
Resetting the sensor (removing the core and placing it back) I get the same behavior. Join process is done normally and I get all the messages described above. Sensor then stops sending any status change. Is there something I need to setup on the Chripstack application server that you are aware of so that the sensor and the GW communicate without any issues?

Has anybody else seen this kind of behavior? Thank you in advance

Chripstack stack ver 3
Dragiono firmware: v5.4.1636008262-20211104-1446
Bosh firmware: 0.39

Hi @avlahop,

You can check the permanent connection of the gateway in different ways:

  • Checking LoRaWAN frames in the gateway over Chirpstack.

  • Checking LoRa log in Dragino Web UI.

  • Checking Chirpstack gateway bridge log and looking for stats messages for instance.

If stat messages are sent from Dragino and received by Chirpstack the problem will be from the node.
Otherwise you should have to make sure first connection between Dragino and Chirpstack.

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I have the same problem with Bosch Parking sensor, it does not report of parking change. @avlahop did you manage to fix it?