Dragino DLOS8 Compatibility


i am new to this technology. i would like to know about Dragino DLOS8 gateway is compatible with ChirpStack Server

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Absolutely, all Dragino gateways can be connected to Chirpstack.

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Sure it works.
The comfiguration for all Dragino gateway is the same.
You do initial setup to Dragino gateway.

Then add to ChirpStack.

Of course, you may want to use try our service to quickly use your gateway.

Could you verify if these installation steps apply to the DLOS8 as well? Then I could mention this in the documentation :slight_smile:


If you would like to contribute to the ChirpStack documentation, I would welcome pull-requests:

It is better when we can point the community to the ChirpStack documentation instead of third-party websites for setting up ChirpStack + the related components. Any help to make the ChirpStack documentation better is welcome :slight_smile:

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