DRAGINO door sensor LDS01


I have DRAGINO door sensor LDS01 and configured all in Chirpstack server. I can see JoinRequest and also JoinAccept in Chirpstack and that is all. It repeats constantly (JoinRequest /JoinAccept ), what could be wrong? Any hint is appreciated.

Hi @Patar,

The sensor is probably not being able to receive the JoinAccept from the Network Server, so it makes its work and as it doesn’t receive it, it retries again and again for a max of 200 times.

Your rssi is -115 in uplink, and will be less in downlink, perhaps too low to receive it.

If possible, try to connect the device nearer to the gateway, and you confirm that it joins properly

Hi @pulidoj,

thank you for hints. Regarding distance of door sensor, while I’m testing it I have this door sensor 1 meter from GW. Strange.

Hi @pulidoj,

just update, it seems that I have found the problem. It seems that some GWs have problem with this door sensor.
I have another GW where one door sensor worked as expected. It sent messages in ABP mode and I can see them in Chirpstact app server and I have correctly decoded also the payload.