Dragino LG01-N no "Live LoRaWan Frames"


I am very new to LoRa and LoRaWan but what I know so far, the Dragino LG01-N was not the best choice. Since I just want to develop my own sensors and do my own network I wanted to give it try with this “SCPF/Gateway-Thing”.

I can see the Gateway on the ChirpStack Web Interface:

But I do not see any Live LoRaWan Frames:

----------> Do I need to configure a sensor to see these live frames?

I found this thread in the forum: Dragino LG01-P as Gateway - #31 by fatma_ben_hlima
Unfortunately it did not help, because Gateway settings look different and I cannot select “LoRaWan/Raw Forwarder” as IoT Service because of the firmware version of the LG01-N. I have chosen “Custom / Private LoRaWan”.

As ChirpStack Network server, application server and gateway bridge I use an RPi4 with the latest Raspbian and I followed these instructions: Quickstart Debian or Ubuntu - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server
I did not install the gateway bridge on the LG01-N, because it is mentioned as optional in this guide.
The RPi4 has the IP Address and the Gateway has the IP Address There is no firewall installed in this network, menas both can ping each other. In the chirpstack-network-server log I can see a lot of “storage: gateway state updated” messages.

----------> Can somebody please help me solve this issue?

Any help is highly appreciated.