Dragino LG01-P as Gateway


Have anyone used LG01-P as a gateway? Is it possible to use the existing firmware? Or do I need https://github.com/lora-net/packet_forwarder?

This is my current config:

Here is the code on my node:

lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORAWAN)

dev_addr = struct.unpack(">l", binascii.unhexlify(‘07053773’))[0]
nwk_swkey = binascii.unhexlify(‘105bbd9c30cac78395cd414e3a464b67’)
app_swkey = binascii.unhexlify(‘a6c11659741718937b5de0a93eb3d1db’)

lora.join(activation=LoRa.ABP, auth=(dev_addr, nwk_swkey, app_swkey))

Here is the default config that is used:

frequency=868000000, tx_power=14, bandwidth=LoRa.868000000, sf=7, preamble=8, coding_rate=LoRa.CODING_4_5, power_mode=LoRa.ALWAYS_ON, tx_iq=false, rx_iq=false, adr=false, public=true, tx_retries=1, device_class=LoRa.CLASS_A

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This was my next task after I screwed around with just playing with the LG01. Unfortunately I don’t have any help at the moment. But there have been posts regarding the LG01 where other users have had it work.

Hopefully someone will chime in who has already had success.


I had work with Dragino.
I recomend you to configure to TTN first, and then to loraserver.io
Using loraserver.io I use MQTT.
You have to configure you GW on the loraserver web and you could see the packages in there.

I could not sent a downlink, never works for me :frowning:

You dont ask nothin in particular, so I dont know how to help you.
Only recomends you read the manuals from Dragino to connect to TTN and ther the wiki of loraserver.io

I’m not sure what wasn’t particular in his questions? The one about using the existing firmware or not breaks down to do you use the Dragino advised Single packet forwarder or the Lora-Net Packet Forwarder?

Also on your own problem you’re not going to get a downlink unless you are programming it to do so. I’ve managed to get a LG-01 to receive a downlink packet from TTN but you need to use something other than the Single Packet code to do so.

how do I connect the Dragino Gateway (LG01-P) with the Lora Server?
Does Lora Server fully function at this gateway?
Do I need to download anything special? Are there any tutorials on how to make Dragino work?
Thank you



I actually use the LG01 as single-channel-lorawan gateway with the lora-server from brocaar.

It is possible for me to send via ABP LoraWAN-messages to the app-Server. At this moment I have 5 nodes connected and the goal is to connect up to 25 nodes with this gateway.

In case of configuartion, I can help.
My only problem is, that sometimes the packetforwarder stops working.
The µC receives the LoRa-messages very well (I had checked this with Arduino-console), but the messages will not forwarded to the MQTT and the app-server.
One strange thing is, that I still receive the statistic-messages on MQTT and the app-server. So the packetforwarder isn’t down completely.

Has any one seen this problem too?
Is there a possibility to debug or check if all needed services are running?

Its really great knowing someone has done this successfully on LG01.
It would be great if you could help me out with the configuration on LG01.
My skype id: aliasgermodi.
Please help me with the configuration. It would be really helpful.
Thank you

Can you please tell me the server ports and the topic formats.

And do I need to install the gateway bridge or can I do it without that as dragino has an mqtt forwarder


Just take a look into this thread: https://forum.loraserver.io/t/lorawan-band-unknown-channel-for-frequency/1210/26

Hello Dear,

Have you found a solution to this problem!! I have the same question.


Hello Ptruffa.
To use dragino in loraserver did you have to modify some openwrt package?
What code do you use in the node? Is the ttn.ino code for abp connection?
Thank you!

It is the same as the ttn example, except change the server adress and port to the one the Bridge’s IP and port and change the protocol to LoRaWAN.

I am able to recieve messages on the lora server using the dragino but downlink seems to be mistimed b/w the node and the gateway. can someone help me out with this

Hello hasiflo.

How do you configure the LG01 and the nodes? I have a LG01 and it connects to TTN but doesn’t pass any packets.


Having the same issue, it works on theThingsNetwork but not with brocarr’s lora server. Do we need to update the packet forwarder? I thought the LG01 would work with the existing one.

I’m having the same issue for the TTN, so I decided to try with Lora server, I successfully connected the LG01 to Lora server, but no uplink or downlink messages, had anyone faced the same problem, and fixed it?

I have the Dragino IoT kit V2 that comes with one LG01. Everything is working fine… Just create a gateway profile with only channel zero enabled. Then a service profile with all check-boxes checked and 0 and 5 as data rate. Finally, add the LG01 using its ID that you can find on Service->LoRaWAN Gateway page.

Notice that Dragino LG01 has only one channel… So you must find a way to configure your device to work only sending data to the channel you have configured on your LG01.

Sending data to your device may be simple as: mosquitto_pub -h localhost -t “application/1/device//tx” -h localhost -p 1883 -m “{“confirmed”:true,“fPort”:1,“data”:“base64”}”.

And yes, the Dragino IoT tool kit document helps a lot to understand the LG01 limitations.

Hi… I could use a little help here for using Loraserver on Dragino… Can I ask you your MQTT Configurations on the dragino? I connect it to the thing networks without any problem, But I’m trying to connect the LG01 as a Gateway in LoraServer, so far no luck,

I have the same problem trying connect dragino lg01-s as gateway to loraserver.io.
I have configured only one channel 0 in gateway-profile also in service profile i have check 0-5 data rates but no success. I am a lit bit comfused with a setting in dragino web-interface in radio settings which is encryption key. In this section we have to enter the secrey key which is provided when setup loraserver with 'openssl rand -base64 32 ?

Hi hasiflo,
I am trying to connect LG01 with lora-server from brocaar but no luck.
i have try with lorawan settings also mqtt but no connection. i have setup loraserver in my local lan and also the dragino gateway. i use internal ip so i am sure that firewall is allow access.
could you please help me with the connection. I have setup one channel 0 in gateways-profiles

hi john2k,

  1. I think you have the gateway-bridge on the server, not directly on the gateway, right?

  2. can you send a screenshot from your settings on the dragino lg01 and from your settings on the loraserver (gateway-settings)

  3. for debugging you should use a mqtt-clinet (e.g. mqtt.fx). Then you can see the communication on the lora-server.

  4. Is the problem that you get no sensor data or even that the gateway sends no gateway-statistics to the server?