Dragino LGT-92 stops polling

Hi All,

i have been trying to fix a little quirk for a week, so we have 5 Dragino temp/ humidity sensors all logged onto a LG16 and to our Chirpstack Server, and they stay online ok, so link seems good, but we have 5x LGT-92 pendant GPS and they logon and show up online when i turn them on, but as soon as it hits its the uplink interval time of 5 mins 300 seconds, it stops. and shows offline in the dashboard for active devices, so far i have checks settings over and over it looks good, i’m a bit lost at why this is happening.

Hi @esstech,

Perhaps everything is working ok. I explain myself.

Chirpstack, in order to show active or inactive device compares the last time it received an Uplink from a sensor with the time setup in the device profile, so if this setup 5 minutes and the end node makes an Uplink every 30 minutes, it will be shown as inactive after the first 5 minutes.

By other hand LGT-92 has a movement sensor, so when it is moving it sends uplinks more often that when it detects that it is stopped, to save energy, so perhaps after 5 minutes from turning it on, it goes on standby mode, it sends uplink less frequently and Chirpstack shows them as inactive.

Check it and feedback

It ended up the problem was a timer issue, it was different to the user guide, as firmware was different, changed the timer in ChirpStack and all working.