Dragino lora hat (RPI)

Hello, someone could me confirm that this LoRa Hat works well with a RPI as gateway or picogateway associated to loraserver project.


In other words do you know if I can follow these instructions/installation ==> For Raspberry Pi / Rasbian based gateways, please refer the Debian / Ubuntu installation instructions. (https://www.loraserver.io/lora-gateway-bridge/install/gateway/) with this couple RPI + lora-gps-hat???

Thank you

It won’t give you a proper gateway as it will be single channel. I would recommend a proper shield when buidling a Pi based gateway. Some examples:

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Thank you for your reply,

I saw that lora-gps-hat can only listen one channel, ok if this is inconsistent with loraserver project I I will head to another LoRa shield.

@julien You should still be able to make the Dragino LoRaHAT shield work with Loraserver, it’s just that like TTN the Loraserver Project is based around the LoRaWAN specs which push for the multi-channel gateways because that is what the spec revolve around. If you’re simply just testing out another gateway idea working with the Loraserver than it’s fine for testing. It is really just frowned upon for an actual deployment environment where full LoRaWAN specs are required or expected.

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