Hey guys, just one quick question.
Im looking at a low budget solution for a LoRaWAN Gateway to uplink/downlink
data to/from the ChirpStack components. I’ve found the Dragino LPS8 to be a relatively
cheap option, but I’m not sure, if that will work. Does anybody have experience regarding Dragino gateways with ChirpStack?

why you are not use forum search?

I found something regarding other Dragino Gateways, but there is special software for those.
My question is, if i can use something like this without special gateway bridge software ^^

Yes you can! I have bought a Dragino LPS8 gateway last month and is working great. Only drawback is that I wasn’t able to install the chirpstack gateway bridge on it so I am just forwarding the UDP packets for the time being.

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Dragino LG308 is working fine with Chirpstack and I think LPS8 too. I have not tried with LPS8. If it can use with TTN, it should be able to forwarded packet to Chirpstack too.

Nice! Just one question about that: what do you mean by “forwarding the UDP packets”?
How did you configure the Gateway to forward to the Chirpstack Network Server?

For the time being I’m setting a “custom LoRaWAN Service Provider” and setting my Chirpstack Server network URL under server address. Here you should paste your URL. As a reminder, you should have the chirpstack gateway bridge up and running in your server too if you try this approach.

The other option is to set “localhost” as your server address and install the gateway bridge in the gateway itself. I prefer this option since this way you can offload one process from the server and at the same time strengthen the reliability (because now the packets will be sent over TCP rather than UDP).

The problem is I tried installing the gateway bridge in my LPS8 but couldn’t get it to work. I opened an issue thinking the error was due to some minor incompatibility between the LG308 and LPS8 gateways but @paolofrs told me he could make it work. I will now try again and tell you if I get lucky this time.


Thank you so much @tron!
If you manage to get the Gateway Bridge running on the LPS8 i would love to know!

Yes, it works to me. See the discussion [here] (https://github.com/brocaar/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/issues/174). In my opinion the support for LPS8 should be equivalent for LG308. I will chech the register’s map of the two Samtech modem chipset as soon as I can…

Hello everyone,

I had similar issue after upgrading chirpstack-gateway-bridge package for dragino LPS8. See this post for more details.

I will try to build gateway-bridge package from sources. Any idea/hints on how to set up a cross-compile environment?


Hi @paolofrs,

I’m also working in this direction, as I found the same results as you.
I will let you know any advance.


@tron Hi, can you check my Gateway configuration, please??

Hii @Junaid_Qadir,

Please check your server address, Remove the 8080 port from the server address field.
Use below configuration and check

Server Address:


Thank you so much for your help. I tried the configuration as you suggested, however, the gateway has a blue LED which shows unstable blinking. Also, the snapshot from the main page is attached below,

You should debug if the connection is being accepted and processed by the Network Bridge in your server. Probably you didn’t open the port 1700

Thank you for your reply. Can you please elaborate on your suggestion?

I need some document about : Setup Dragino Lps8 LoRaWAN Gateway and adding sensors to Chirpstack Network Server. Who can give me?

Hi @Junaid_Qadir

What’s the IP of your Chirpstack Server? is probably wrong.
In a LAN network LPS8 can work in two different modes, as client of a router, taking a dynamic or static IP (depending on setup) or it may also work as a router (providing IPs).

When working as a router, it uses as its own IP, and it is providing a IP to your computer in the same range.

So, the first question is: where is it located your Chirpstack Gateway Bridge?
This should be the IP inserted on “Server Address” parameter.

I really appreciate your kind suggestion. Unfortunately, I do not have enough knowledge of chip stack therefore I didn’t get your point. I connected the LPS8 gateway to the router via the DHCP method. And then followed YouTube videos Part 2 - Setup your own Chirpstack LoRaWAN Network Server in AWS - YouTube but haven’t succeeded. Can I get one-to-one help from you, if possible, for you? I’ll be very thankful to you

Hi, I just have a simple question. is there any full form of LPS for the LPS88 gateway? I was looking for it