Dragino PG1301 Chirpstack OS

I have a dragino PG1301 gateway hat on a RPI3. Can I install chirpstack base OS on it? Or is there any other way to connect it to my Chirpstack application server which is running on a RPI4 (public ip)? I have connected an IMST880A and a RAK gateway, but i can’t connect my PG1301 gateway…

I finally connected the Dragino PG1301 to my chirpstack server.
I followed the following guide from Dragino

and I had to do some changes.
For example the gateway id is b827ebfffeXXXX and not b827ebXXXXffff (if you follow the dragino pdf).
Also I had to change the gateway id in the local_conf.json file and the server address in the global_conf.json file.

That is very awesome. I am trying the same. Could you pls tell more detailed about the steps you did?
I have installed the dragino hat at the rasp, have you now followed “only” the instruction from dragino or from chirpstack? ( i have installed the chirpstack gateway bridge but next step is missing for the PG1301)

My chirpstack server is running on a second raspberry pi.
To set up my getway on my first raspberry, firstly I followed the dragino.pdf instructions and secondly I did the changes in local_conf.json and global_conf.json files.

Hello ,

Can anybody tell me the steps I must walk to get my Pi and PG1301 working?
There’s nowere a good manual to install the software.

Nobody to help me out?

Dear friend,
I have followed the dragino pdf instructions and I have connected my dragino pg1301 to my chirpstack server.
I have used 2 raspberry pi. The first to install the chirpstack server and the second to setup the gateway.
In order to setup the gateway, you have first to follow the pdf instruction and second to do some changes in 2 files.

You can see the changes in the attached photos.

In global.file change your chirpstack server IP address (I am using a static IP)

In local.file change your gateway I’d

I have the same setup- just everything- the PG1301 and ChirpStack on one Raspberry pi. Thank you for your info. But one thing I don’t get is if I need the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge and which one to install. From Dragino there is only the LG308. How did you do it? Thank you.Volkmar

You need a rpi with Raspbian OS(or Ubuntu). Follow the instructions and run the following commands.

wget http://www.dragino.com/downloads/downloads/LoRa_Gateway/PG1301/software/lorapktfwd.deb

sudo dpkg -i lorapktfwd.deb

Do the modifications in the 2 files (global and local).

Your gateway is ready to send data to your chirpstack lora server.