Dragino PG1301 Chirpstack OS

I have a dragino PG1301 gateway hat on a RPI3. Can I install chirpstack base OS on it? Or is there any other way to connect it to my Chirpstack application server which is running on a RPI4 (public ip)? I have connected an IMST880A and a RAK gateway, but i can’t connect my PG1301 gateway…

I finally connected the Dragino PG1301 to my chirpstack server.
I followed the following guide from Dragino

and I had to do some changes.
For example the gateway id is b827ebfffeXXXX and not b827ebXXXXffff (if you follow the dragino pdf).
Also I had to change the gateway id in the local_conf.json file and the server address in the global_conf.json file.

That is very awesome. I am trying the same. Could you pls tell more detailed about the steps you did?
I have installed the dragino hat at the rasp, have you now followed “only” the instruction from dragino or from chirpstack? ( i have installed the chirpstack gateway bridge but next step is missing for the PG1301)

My chirpstack server is running on a second raspberry pi.
To set up my getway on my first raspberry, firstly I followed the dragino.pdf instructions and secondly I did the changes in local_conf.json and global_conf.json files.