Dragino Shield as node

I’m using dragino arduino shield, can any body help me for code to upload to loraserver

Hi Susilo

I am also working with dragino and trying to upload data to a loraserver.
I made it to TTN, but right now I traying with my own loraservera.
You did it?


I also use the dragino LG01 and an dragino shield + arduino uno as node.
The node send messages (client) to the LG01 (server/gateway), but when i try to send the messages to the loraserver on VM (ubuntu 16.04. ) i don’t see the messages.

I have an VM with Ubuntu 16.04 (and loraserver, loraapp server and mosquitto)

I could use some help with this.

The lg01 sends the frequency field mistakenly multiplyed by 1000000. I’m using poly pkt fwd.
Got uplinks, but no downlinks.

Hope this helps.

Hello. Could you help me configure LG01-P to work with LoRaserver and MQTT?

hi mkpuig, now can you get downlink msg?. i try to send downlink by node-red but node can’t receive them.