Dragino - TTN connection failed

Connect Dragino LG01-P to TTN

I followed Dragino wiki and registered my Gateway in TTn and also made the required changes on dragino page

The TTN console doesnot show the dragino gateway as connected

I configured the Gateway files with all the details as given in the wiki

Can some one suggest what went wrong

If everything is set up right, try to log into your Gateway with PuTTY (or something similar) and try to run the single_pkt_fwd script manually. Also if you haven’t already I would suggest looking at all the info on the LG01 on the TTN forum since you’re question isn’t really related to LoRaServer and this forum.

Specifically you might want to try the solution posted here:

Thank you for replying even though it isn’t a relevant topic here. I had some issues with TTN forum with my login,that’s the reason I posted here.

En la configuración del servidor, no te olvides de colocar bien la dirección del servidor, tu id y el correo en el cual estás registrado en el servidor.

http://wiki.dragino.com/index.php?title=Connect_to_TTN sigue este tuto