Duplicate JoinRequest

Yes i tried that - imho this is not a solution in case of OTAA, each time the JoinRequest and JoinAccept (for the wrong request) the Device gets a new DevAddr, i guess this resets the counter eitherway?

Here are the latest packets:


The Gateway ID is the same in each part of the array.

This is the JoinAccept

Any suggestions?
The GW is now hidden with some content but still the same problem occurs.
The GW is an Mikrotik one with internal Antenne, the Device is mounted on a roof about 40 Meters away
with no external Antenna (Decentlab ATM Wetherstation).

From GW Logs it looks like this:


It is normal the device gets different dev_eui in any join, it is whap happens with OTAA. (Instead of ABP in which the needed keys are hardcoded and never change in the same application during long times).

If framecount does not work, I would try checking subbands admitted by the gateway (no all devices work in same subbands, some work in channels 0-7 [subband 1], others in channels 8-15 [subband 2], and etc.

Hope this helps!