Dynamic Tokens in MQTT topics

The default MQTT event topic is:
application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/event/{{ .EventType }}

Other than the three tokens shown, are there any others? And specifically, is there a way to use the Application Name or some other application identifier than the sequentially-assigned ApplicationID?

Currently there aren’t other tokens. Please note I’m considering to change the sequential application IDs to UUIDs (same for user ids and org. ids) in the next major version to avoid exposing the number of users, orgs and applications.

UUIDs are better, but they might be overkill for these. Maybe consider keeping the sequential numbers, but allow the user to set a custom value if they wish (just an opaque string to ChirpStack)? User IDs are less affected by this, but for things like orgs and applications, having the ability to specify a mnemonic would be worthwhile. That’s why I was thinking about using a “tag” (assign to the object, use as a dynamic token); you could even move to the UUIDs as the internal key, but allow user-defined mnemonics to be added if the user wants them.

@eric24 @brocaar

I think we can use user-defined alphanumeric unique I’d without space and special characters same like DevEUI & GatewayEUI

Name: Test Application
Id: test-application