E32-TTL-100 with Arduino Uno

Hi developer, I have one task based on a project that related to IoT project. For the starting my project, I want to use Arduino Uno and E32-TTL-100. I search a code that related with this component but there is no source that related it. I try to communicate two E32-TTL as receiver and transmitter data to two Arduino. I hope there is solution that can be used this component.


You mention this:

This looks to me as a project where two nodes communicate directly using LoRa modulation. Is that correct?

For the starting this project, I think is yes. The hardware that is supposed that I must use is ARM STM32 by using RedBull Board connect with Lora Modula E32-TTL. Just I want try using Arduino before I convert to ARM STM32

Hi…I’m trying to get a simple transmitter receiver between two transceivers, E32-TTL-100 and E32-TTL-1W. I’m trying to run the sender and receiver.ino files but the following error message appears. I’m sure that I’m doing something wrong with the file directories. Can you give me a few instructions on how to use the library.

prototype pcb