E78-868ln22s - result “join failed”

bought module e78-868ln22s on aliexpress, which has a set of AT commands
but the problem is that there is no way to connect to our network, LoRa the result is always the same - “join failed”.
Please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

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Russia, Dagestan, Makhachkala

wrong can be in anything. .beginining from join mode till the end of the join parameters devEUI, keys etc. and their byte sequence (LSB/MSB)

thanks for the answer, but I want to narrow the circle of suspicions and solve the problem

I will tell you a little

1.devEUI, AppKey, AppEUI (joinEUI) I applied from the faulty module RisingHF by directly prescribing them to the module using its AT-commands, that is, all these 3 parameters are correct in origin
2. I did not change the order of bytes, that is, I copied from the server and spelled out in the module (all 3 parameters: devEUI, AppKey, AppEUI)

I will try all possible options, but I have a suspicion of the frequency plan of the module, since the “LoRaWAN Frames” section of the server does not show any attempts by the module to communicate, there are no packets

it was necessary to start with this. from where you are know that your module working in the right frequency band and correctly connected their rf part etc.

thanks eugenev

doubts about this were from the very beginning, then I wrote in technical support, where I was convinced that everything was fine with the frequency plan of the module

of course I can’t be sure of this, you are right
but, judging by the document on asr6501 on which this module is built, I conclude that the range of its operating frequencies allows

but I do not know how to switch it to the necessary frequency plan

“CalibrateImage” -SPI function of this module, which sets the frequency range.
The function code is 0x98, to set the range I need 863 - 870 (you must send 0x98 0xD7 0xDB sequentially).
When listening to the SPI at 1.6 seconds from the power on, there is a transmission “0x98 0xD7 0xD8.”
This may be the reason for the module registration failure.