Emergency Services

The world is fraught with disaster. I my County alone this last Autumn, we had record-breaking hillside fires with many homes lost, followed soon after by deadly mud and rock slides killing 2 dozen people destroying many homes, streets, and major highways. During both these incidents, Streets were impassable, Power failed, Cell service stopped, Phone Service was knocked out, and Internet by cable was down. I am a HAM and we were on call for days on end to provide point to point and point to multi-point communication. Since we (HAMs) are the last resort in electronic and voice communication in these disasters, having multiple layers of wireless communication or gateways to relay messages is very attractive. The LoRaWAN Server appears to be something that may add this extra layer of Emergency Communication. For Gateway Server Hardware placement, we have access and control of well-equipped mountain top solar powered radio shacks with wireless internet, Hospital rooftops, County and Regional Government building rooftops, and many School rooftops for placement of Gateways. Mesh Networking is very attractive for this purpose, with the intent to provide messaging and gateway services between LoRaWAN and other emergency services. There are also Grants available to pay for the work, hardware, and utility services.