Enable Uplink Channels in the Device Profile

I just resolved an end-device issue caused by incorrect configuration of enabled_uplink_channels=[].

I am wondering why this setting is not handled within the Device Profile (similar to how channels are handled in Gateway Profile).

Do I understand correctly that, despite supporting multiple GW Profiles and thus multiple GW channel configurations, LoRaServer only supports a single CFList for all end-devices?

Crickets? Chirp Chirp Chirp…

The Gateway Profile option will be removed in the next major version as it doesn’t do what people expect it to do, see: https://forum.loraserver.io/t/who-is-using-the-gateway-profile-how-are-you-using-it/5091

The enabled_uplink_channels is the leading configuration option. It defines the channels (+ optionally the additional channels that can be configured for the EU868 like channel-plans) that all devices will eventually going to use.

The uplink channels in the Device Profile define the uplink channels that are configured by the hardware vendor that the device will use on boot (e.g. for ABP devices).

When a differences between the Device Profile uplink channels and the Network Server configuration is detected, then the Network Server will send mac-commands to the device to update its channel configuration.

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