Enabling class B support with v4-chirpstack

I am trying to enable support for class b devices

  1. With v4-chirpstack docker, my LNS router_config response does not have the “bcning” field. What could be the issue here?
  2. In the concentratord implementation, I can see region.toml has below fields

Beacon configuration.


# Compulsory RFU size.

# Beacon frequency / frequencies (Hz).

# Bandwidth (Hz).

# Spreading factor.

# TX power.

Is there a similar configuration for v4-chirpstack docker? I am not using concentratord in my design.

  1. What are the configuration files & fields required to enable class B beacon support when using chirpstack-v4 docker?
  2. I am using basicstation 2.0.6 with sx1302 concentrator for EU865 region. Is there any corresponding settings in the basicstation configuration to process “bcning” messages?

The bcning is currently not sent in the router_config response. I believe this option didn’t yet exist at the time Basics Station support was added to the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge. Would you mind creating an issue for this here: GitHub - chirpstack/chirpstack-gateway-bridge: ChirpStack Gateway Bridge abstracts Packet Forwarder protocols into Protobuf or JSON over MQTT.?

Thank you for the response. I will create it as a new issue.

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