Encryption used by the ChirpStack Application Server

What is the encryption used by the ChirpStack Application Server to save entries in the database?

what entries are you talking about? specify please.

I didn’t express myself well.

The question is when the app saves the data in the database what is the encryption used for example in the device_activation table in the dev-eui column.

encryption is none.
What You see in this fields is the result of choosed codepage for PostgreSQL to store the data and DBeaver preferences also.
from console, when UTF-8 is choosen both for store and display. It looks like this:
id | created_at | dev_eui | dev_addr |
215 | 04/02/2019 15:23:42.716463 EET | \x1890000000000001 | \x0ad3ffff |

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Jajaja. I see, thank you very much.