End Device last seen never and no activity after join accept

in Lora frames i can see

in Events I can see join event

but last seen is always never

server logs
sudo journalctl -f -n 1000 -u chirpstack | grep c09851ffffd19edb
Dec 06 06:26:27 TnTLNS chirpstack[6701]: 2022-12-06T06:26:27.991555Z INFO gRPC{uri=/api.DeviceService/Create}: chirpstack::storage::device: Device created dev_eui=c09851ffffd19edb
Dec 06 06:26:37 TnTLNS chirpstack[6701]: 2022-12-06T06:26:37.266839Z INFO gRPC{uri=/api.DeviceService/CreateKeys}: chirpstack::storage::device_keys: Device-keys created dev_eui=c09851ffffd19edb
Dec 06 06:27:27 TnTLNS chirpstack[6701]: 2022-12-06T06:27:27.089556Z INFO up{deduplication_id=f9ba7400-a7d2-4925-aa5a-4971597efa81}:join_request: chirpstack::storage::device_keys: Device-nonce validated and stored dev_eui=c09851ffffd19edb dev_nonce=29909
Dec 06 06:27:27 TnTLNS chirpstack[6701]: 2022-12-06T06:27:27.092893Z INFO up{deduplication_id=f9ba7400-a7d2-4925-aa5a-4971597efa81}:join_request: chirpstack::storage::device_keys: Device-keys updated dev_eui=c09851ffffd19edb
Dec 06 06:27:27 TnTLNS chirpstack[6701]: 2022-12-06T06:27:27.093622Z INFO up{deduplication_id=f9ba7400-a7d2-4925-aa5a-4971597efa81}:join_request: chirpstack::storage::device_session: Device-session saved dev_eui=c09851ffffd19edb dev_addr=00dd06dc
Dec 06 06:27:27 TnTLNS chirpstack[6701]: 2022-12-06T06:27:27.097973Z INFO up{deduplication_id=f9ba7400-a7d2-4925-aa5a-4971597efa81}:join_request: chirpstack::storage::device: Enabled class updated dev_eui=c09851ffffd19edb enabled_class=A
Dec 06 06:27:27 TnTLNS chirpstack[6701]: 2022-12-06T06:27:27.100149Z INFO up{deduplication_id=f9ba7400-a7d2-4925-aa5a-4971597efa81}:join_request: chirpstack::integration::mqtt: Publishing event topic=application/947956aa-a288-45d5-b773-62a025767fa8/device/c09851ffffd19edb/event/join
Dec 06 06:27:27 TnTLNS chirpstack[6701]: 2022-12-06T06:27:27.173364Z INFO chirpstack::downlink::tx_ack: Log downlink-frame for device device_eui=c09851ffffd19edb

what might be the reason for no data transfer from device any clue?

We have the same issue. One of our clients has reported that our chirpstack platform isn’t receiving almost all of their LoRa device uplinks anymore, only uplinks from one device are being received. However, devices in other applications work fine. This started on 5th december, about 1 month after upgrading from an older v3 version to the then latest chirpstack-application-server v3.17.8 and chirpstack-network-server v3.16.5. We are currently unable to upgrade v4 since we are using json as marshaler and our lora gateways have the chirpstack-gateway-bridge version 3.13.3.

Also another issue that might me related, any lora devices that are inactive for a while recently went from the corret Last seen at value, e.g. 3 months ago to n/a. This is the case for all inactive devices.

Maybe your node did not receive the Join accept and is trying to rejoin forever?

No, the join request is accepted, and the node sent one uplink and then stops. However, I think I have found the problem. I’m not sure exactly how, but it appears that the devices were moved to a different application or the application ID changed somehow, and therefore the LoRa nodes are no longer recognized by Chirpstack.