Enqueued downlinks not scheduled/sent by gateway

Hi, I have an issue with downlinks enqueued via the application server web interface not coming through to the device. I’m using ic880a-spi on Raspberry Pi 4 as my gateway with ttn-zh/ic880a-gateway setup forwarding packets to Chirpstack Gateway Bridge via exposed UDP port (this is running on a remote server).

My device is able to join (OTAA), and send uplink messages (all is displayed in the application server interface) but when I schedule downlink message, nothing happens and they are never scheduled or sent. I tried to debug but to no resolution, I don’t know how to determine where the fault is. I can see logs from the gateway about up/down messages, but I don’t see any indication of a problem on the gateway side.

Can anyone maybe help me debug further or steer me in the right direction? Thanks

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Do I understand correct that you do see the downlink being sent through the web-interface and the gw logs, but at the device side it is not received?