EOF and Note connected to websocket API error

I have been trying to create a new instance on Chirpstack on AWS EC2 instance running UBUNTU 18.02.

After adding the gateway this is the error that I have been receiving.

The Gateway Bridge, Network Server and Application Server log files are error free if I don’t add the Gateway.

After a bit of searching online its written Redis 5.0.0 and newer version is required but the command “sudo apt install redis-server”

does not install the version that is required.

Please guide me as to how do I update redis so that I can solve this error.

Not every application is made available on older versions. Perhaps this applies to redis?
ubuntu old lts

Sorry for the late reply.
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is what is mentioned and I don’t seem to be able to update redis.

Can somebody please help on this?

You need to learn how to help yourself - a few moments searching results in: