Error (12) creating network server


I get the error that you see in the image when I try to add a networkserver. Apparently the service is started and without errors.
I am using chirpstack 3.x (DECEMBER 2020).
Any ideas are welcome.

Thank you

look into the chirpstack network server logs etc.
GUI does not tell you about it.

are deploying with docker-compose or raspberry-pi image or distro-packages?

No, is a typical installation on a Debian Buster server.

When I run journalctl I get the following warning:

host chirpstack-network-server[460]: time="2020-12-18T19:45:24+01:00" 
level=warning msg="storage: ping PostgreSQL database error, will retry in 2s" 
error="dial tcp [::1]:5432: connect: connection refused"

I have verified the dsn connection and I can connect with that username and password from psql.

That indicates it is trying to connect to the Postgres port on localhost. You likely either have it configured to point at the wrong place, or Postgres is not running/bound to that port.

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You have entered localhost:8080, but the default is localhost:8000 (note that the default API port for the NS is 8000, not 8080.

Finally, I uninstalled everything to start over. However, everything points, as you say, to the error in the netserver port …

I will take it into account for this new installation. Thanks a lot