Error: ‘decodeUplink’ is not defined

Watching the MQTT messages I get messages that contain this:

“level”: “ERROR”,
“code”: “UPLINK_CODEC”,
“description”: “Exception generated by quickjs: ‘decodeUplink’ is not defined\n at (eval_script:298)\n”,

I am using the manufacturer codec for the Sensecap Vision AI A110

What does ‘DecodeUplink is not defined mean? This is the official codec:

It is unfortunate the chirpstack GUI does not display well on my phone or I’d double check now what it says, but it’s an AI camera sensor currently set to tell me if a person is present every 5 minutes.

I am looking at Chirpstack using my TV. It’s not as good as PC but way better than phone. That Codec is definitely there. Plus it ends at line 295 after some commented examples. May be it is having difficulty with automatically generating the measurement.
It is a scale of 0 to 1 where 1 is 100% certainty there is a person.

The function that should be called is decodeUplink, your codec is calling Decode.

Thanks. That codec is from the manufacturer and only 9 months old. Just the function “Decode” in the first Line needs changing and it’ll be happy? Manually I can only see that 1 instance. Maybe I should put that codec in visual studio or something and search for other instances?

Incidentally, just found out that the Seeed Studio Sensecap M2 Multi-platform has Chirpstack V4 from their support. I am wondering if all their codecs are V3 as on their wiki blog it specifies V3 for their T1000. My search here suggested I can just use the TTN decoder in V4 Chirpstack: is this correct?

Ya the TTN decoder should work, I believe in V4 Chirpstack and TTN both use the LoRaWAN standard for decoders.

It does work. Still haven’t heard from Seeed but I tried anyway. Now I am left with a data field that looks odd. I think it is something that is being interpreted as ASCII text.