Error decoding Cayenne LPP

Hi, I’m trying to decode the payload with Cayenne LPP, but it seems it is something wrong. FYI I am able to see all the data with TTN+Cayenne.
With loraserver



Error when trying to decode cayenne lpp?



This is what I see on TTN+Cayenne integration:

My understanding is there is a problem on cayenne decode…? If I use custom javascript codec, how should I decode/encode the payload?

Any suggestion is welcome!
Thanks in advance!

Ok I think I figured this out. (FYI This is a device with 4 buttons)
On custom javascript codec I implemented something like this:

And this is the final uplink

To me it looks like MyDevices is working on a LPP v2, which hasn’t been “published” yet ( Maybe you can share more about your Cayenne LPP payload, e.g. which device etc…?

Hi, first of all, thank you very much for your time and effort on this project.
This is the device I’m using:
Lora Button

And this is the payload.

I don’t think your device uses the Cayenne LPP codec. Please see

That it works is probably since Cayenne has a codec for this specific device, but this is not the same as the Cayenne LPP codec.

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Hi, I am also using the Cayenne LPP as codec for RAK Wireless LoRAWAN node.
I am facing the same error type as well as not getting the GPS coordinates in db ,however if I use the same with TTN+mydevice, I get the GPS coordinate of the node on map.