Error from Application server retriving keys formats

Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for reading this thread.

I have Chipstack installed in the following way:
VPS with ubuntu 20.04 Gateway Bridge, Network Server and Application Server within the same system, everything is working correctly but when I have tried to obtain the keys previously created in the Application Server from both Network session and Application session in Hex string or Hex Array data formats I have the following error within the JavaScritp console of the Chrome Web browser and the formats remain unchanged.

Is it an error in my setup or is it an error in the version that I have installed?

By the way, these are the versions that I have at the moment running on my virtual server:

chirpstack-gateway-bridge version 3.9.2

chirpstack-network-server version 3.10.0

chirpstack-application-server version 3.12.2

I hope you can help me