Error: hstore does not exist

i have an error when i start the lora app server
i tried a lot to fix it but i can’t
plz help me to fix it

this screenshot is when i tap :" lora-app-server --config /etc/lora-app-server/lora-app-server.toml"

It looks like you didn’t initialize the database fully, see the complete example from the documentation:

-- set up the users and the passwords
-- (note that it is important to use single quotes and a semicolon at the end!)
create role chirpstack_as with login password 'dbpassword';
create role chirpstack_ns with login password 'dbpassword';

-- create the database for the servers
create database chirpstack_as with owner chirpstack_as;
create database chirpstack_ns with owner chirpstack_ns;

-- change to the ChirpStack Application Server database
\c chirpstack_as

-- enable the pq_trgm and hstore extensions
-- (this is needed to facilitate the search feature)
create extension pg_trgm;
-- (this is needed to store additional k/v meta-data)
create extension hstore;

-- exit psql

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thank you i fix it ;*