Error invalid aggregation interval (code: 3)

Hi again. I have mostly made it through, but have an issue that I’m not sure how to solve. I’ve set up a new gateway, with all the requisite options (I believe) on the Linux box that I’m testing on before our production deploy. Versions are:
loraserver: 0.22.1
lora-app-server: 0.14.2
lora-gateway-bridge: 2.1.6
ANYWAY, when I create a new gateway it displays this error:

Error invalid aggregation interval (code: 3)

My /etc/default/loraserver config file has this as an aggregation interval:

I’m not sure how to debug this as I’m not seeing any errors on my journalctl monitoring shells.


Please see the config docs:

Gateway statistics are aggregated on the intervals configured by the --gw-stats-aggregation-intervals config flag. Note that LoRa App Server expects at least minute, day and hour in order to show the graphs.

That is the reason why LoRa App Server is throwing an error, as you only configured hour.

Arrrgh. what a noob I am. Thanks!