"error": "lorawan: exactly 16 bytes are expected" using API

Using latest version of the app server, I have problem when creating device via API.

I have an error while posting the device keys with [/api/devices/{device_keys.dev_eui}/keys]
With a body like
“deviceKeys”: {
“appKey”: “CCAA5ADD8D226D68AABE01AA7B76AA99”,
“devEUI”: “70AAAAAA6000AAAA”

I receive an http 400 “error”: “lorawan: exactly 16 bytes are expected”
If I save the appKey via the UI it works.

If someone have an idea ?

You are missing part of the payload. In particular, for LoRaWAN 1.0 the nwkKey field is used as the appKey. See https://github.com/brocaar/lora-app-server/blob/master/api/device.proto#L205.

link does not work. Pls help. I have the same issue. Where i got nvlKey?