Error mssg in when running docker-compose?s

Can someone please explain why I am getting this error?

I run docker ps -a and no containers exist so I don’t see what the conflict is with mosquitto. Running docker ps -a after the error yields:

It claims something else is already bound to port 1883, so mosquitto cannot use the port itself.
Try one of the following commands to see what processes are currently using the port:

sudo lsof -i :1883

sudo netstat -tuln | grep :1883
ps -p <PID>

sudo ss -tuln | grep :1883

Then either kill the process that is using the port, or change mosquitto to use another port.

Although I am unsure what “userland proxy” is. If you are using a proxy on the machine, it is probably configured wrong.

The only command that seems to push back info is the netstat:

but there is no indication as to what service is linked to the PID?

ps -p 1883 yields nothing…

It seems that if I take docker-compose down and then docker rm and then run

sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep 1883

I get chirpstack-gateway-bridge and mosquitto on that port so I then use

systemctl stop chirpstack-gateway-bridge

which makes this go away and then I

sudo kill -9 <PID>

BUT a recheck after I kill them is that the mosquitto comes up again with new PIDs???



had to call
systemctl stop mosquitto

then all was good.
most likely will need to call systemctl disable in case of reboot