Error on downlink illegal base64 data at input byte 8 (code: 3)

Good day

I recently purchased the Dragino LT-33322-l with firmware version 1.4.2 and when I try to Downlink a message to control the relays of the node i get “illegal base64 data at input byte 8 (code: 3)”

The only that allows me to send is 04FF that is the command to reset the device and the 01xxxxxx that can adjust the END Node’s TDC (for examle 0100003C sets TDC to 30 sec)

without this command available I cant control the device relays!

I use Cayenne Mydevices and for this device I cant send from mydevices the command to open the relay. I believe is related with the problem that Chirpstack cant accept downlink messages.

Appreciate your help on the matter


I think that already explains the issue :slight_smile: You might need to convert from HEX to Base64. You are still sending the same data, just in a different encoding. See for example to do conversions.


Thanks Tested and works as it is supposed to! Sorry I didn’t see that! I was confused that works same way as TTN.