Error type "UPLINK_MIC"

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I have this error in chirpstack even if I turned off ADR. I have a LoRa-E5-mini and I checked all the session key (devaddr, network key, app key) and everything is right;

Is anyone meet this type of error with these conditions ?

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This error means that the actual MIC did not match the expected MIC. Either the keys are wrong or the device is setting an incorrect MIC.

Thanks for your answer. I tried OTAA instead of ABP authentification and it’s right

That suggests either the ABP keys were not matching in both systems, or perhaps that the node was reset and restarting from frame count 0 - LoRaWAN requires that the frame count increment, so a device is required to store this knowledge and resume where it left off on reset, but many devices including manufacturer demos don’t properly implement this.

An OTAA node has the same requirement within a join session, but each join session is unique set of device address and keys and the frame count does start over in the context of that session.

Hello, how can I change the MIC to the end device, if the device does not allow it… Also, in my case… the device sends a different MIC value every time it sends a join request

The MIC is generated based on the payload content + root- / session-keys. If the MIC is invalid, then usually this means that you have configured the key(s) incorrectly.

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