Error while adding network server on docker


I am running the chirpstack on docker. I was able to create entire stack and login but while adding network server as chirpstack-network-server:8000, I am getting an error

chirpstack-application-server_1 | time=“2020-02-12T11:24:17Z” level=warning msg=“creating insecure network-server client” server=“chirpstack-network-server:8000”
chirpstack-application-server_1 | time=“2020-02-12T11:24:20Z” level=warning msg=“grpc: failed dns A record lookup due to lookup chirpstack-network-server on dial udp operation was canceled.\n”
chirpstack-application-server_1 | time=“2020-02-12T11:24:20Z” level=error msg=“finished unary call with code Unknown” ctx_id=6bd94e3c-4a22-485b-a87d-bea02685969e error=“rpc error: code = Unknown desc = context deadline exceeded” grpc.code=Unknown grpc.method=Create grpc.service=api.NetworkServerService grpc.start_time=“2020-02-12T11:24:17Z” grpc.time_ms=3391.054 peer.address=“” span.kind=server system=grpc

Any progress on this topic? I face the same issue.

When I open an interactive session to the chirpstack-application-server container and try to ping chirpstack-network-server address is resolved.

So there is an issue the way chirpstack resolves the names?

I’m having this same problem too. From everything I can see the underlying issue is in the go gRPC library with the method it uses to resolve DNS names. And I know it’s specific to gRPC since the servers connect to mosquitto and postgresql just fine which also use DNS names, but fail when trying to use gRPC to communicate between chirpstack programs.


FYI, I submitted a new issue against gRPC for this.


Thanks @evildog for reporting this :slight_smile:

Good find on the net.Dial() vs grpc.DialContext().

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