Error while extracting data from the database

Can You figure it out the error?

From the navigation tabs it looks like you’re not using one of the pre-compiled binaries from and that you’ve done some customization. Could you confirm this? Start with using the pre-compiled binaries (preferably using a clean database as your migrations might be out-of-sync) and work from there :slight_smile:

When upgrading between pre-compiled LoRa Server binaries, I try to make sure the database can be migrated to the latest state. If that doesn’t work then that is usually a bug (or I mention in the release notes which manual steps you have to perform to migrate to the latest version).

However when you make modifications to the source-code or do your own builds, then I can no longer assure that your database is in the state expected by the code (e.g. you might be building code which has not been tagged yet). Potentially this raises errors like you’re experiencing.

Yes I have made some modifications. And thanks for the reply @brocaar