Error with packet: Previous packet is sent

Hello, so my issue is that whenever I send data the first time to the lora server( then to my own private server to send data back down) I am supposed to receive a downlink with data to be handled by my application end node. However, that is not the case. For some odd reason, I get no payload back when i should be expecting payload. Then my device goes to sleep, and when it wakes up, it sends an uplink and receives the downlink with the data from the previous one when it should not be doing that. Any clues to why it is doing that will be grateful. My device eui is the one that starts with 4d
Here is the log for mqtt

Here is the log from lora server

All the data that you send to the device through LoRa App Server ends up in the device queue. LoRa Server will send the payload on the first opportunity. Depending your timing, this could be on the second uplink :slight_smile:

Ah I see. Is this something I need to configure from the lora server side or the lora application layer and if so, would i need to mess around with the delay for the receive window?(If i can change that, that is)

See get_downlink_data_delay. It allows you to configure the time the network-server will wait for the application-server to (potentially) schedule downlinks.

Thank you that worked! I changed it to be a little longer so everything is running smoothly now.

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